In 1969 KORITSU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. developed dry type crusher for making sand for the first time in Japan. Since then, we have been improving the technology of making sand.

Japanese major media, such as the Nikkei and Nikkei Business magazine, often has reported that we are the top market share in dry-type sand making products in Japan.


Sand Making Crusher (Mining Crusher)

Manufacturing method of the sand by our sand making crushers are the same as the process when stones becomes sands in the natural world.
So our crushers can manufacture the superior quality sand that is not inferior in comparison with natural sand.


Security Crusher (Destruction of sensitive materials)

Different from ordinary shredding methods, "Crush-cut" method (patented in U.S) was applied, so sensitive materials are reduced to unrecognizable and non-restorable bits in seconds.
So our crushers have been used widely not only for secure disposal of personal files and other sensitive data but also for the prototype and defective products such as Cell Phones, PCB's/components etc...

MS-Z5 MS-100S MS-100HD


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