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KORISTU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. recognizes importance of personal information and carry out the following actions.

  1. We employ a management representative of personal information protection and wrestle with appropriate management.
  2. We have you offer personal information such as a name, address, and e-mail address after we identify and recognize a use purpose. We have you offer only necessary personal information and register yourself after we show inquiry window clearly.
  3. We may disclose personal information of a visitor in a group company and duties trust ahead to be necessary for the service purpose. There are the cases that obtained personal information from a visitor may be disclosed by sufficient reason of laws and ordinances others, and we offer personal information of a visitor to the third person. Apart from this case, We do not do disclosure.
  4. When a visitor hopes for inquiry of personal information of oneself, we will cope adequately.
  5. We try our best for danger prevention such as an unjust invasion to personal information, manipulation, a leak about personal information received in our information database. We manage personal information safely by taking strict security measure.
  6. We observe laws and ordinances applied about the personal information that we hold, other models, and match it with an environmental change and try for continuous improvement of an action of personal information protection, improvement.
  7. If you have any inquiries about personal information registered with, please contact the window in each web-site.

Chief Information Officer
Masamichi Fukuhiro

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Contact Us
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