In 1969 KORITSU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. developed dry type crusher for making sand for the first time in Japan. Since then, we have been improving the technology of making sand. The magnum opus that bring together our technologies is EXCELLENT REFINER.

EXCELLENT REFINER is not ordinary Horizonal Shaft Impact crusher. EXCELLENT REFINER was developed specifically for the manufacture of sand, so the manufacturing method of the sand is the same as the process when stones becomes sands in the natural world. This is the reason EXCELLENT REFINER can manufacture the superior quality products that is not inferior in comparison with natural sand.



1.Manufacturing method of the sand

Manufacturing method of the sand by EXCELLENT REFINER has three processes.


Stones are crushed by hammers that rotate at high speed.



Stones are beaten with hammers will hit the wall of the crushing chamber. At this time, the stone will be crushed and grain shape improves (solid content after EXCELLENT REFINER : more than 58%) further with the collision to the specially designed breaker plates attached to the wall of the crushing chamber.



Stones crush with each other in the crushing chamber.


2.Product size distribution control

EXCELLENT REFINER is equipped with "rooster (grate bar type screen)" at the discharge part of the grinding product in the crushing chamber. Product size distribution can be controlled easily adjusting the clearance size between each bar of rooster.
Stones that are not able to passed through the clearance between each bar of rooster are crushed again in the crushing chamber. Therefore there is little loss of the production and you can achieve the production efficiency of approximately 90%.


In addition, you can raise precision of the size adjustment more by using the dust collector in coordination with the rotary speed of the hammer by using the inverter.

EXCELLENT REFINER with a dust cocollector
- EXCELLENT REFINER with a dust collector -

Because EXCELLENT REFINER can perform crushing and grain shape improves and size distribution control at the same time, the special air classifier is not required. So EXCELLENT REFINER is low cost and compact. As it do not need the complicated electric control, operation and maintenance are very easy.

3.Sand making flow (PATENT REGISTERED)

A dust collector is directly connected to EXCELLENT REFINER (not through the special air classifier) as shown on the diagram. Sand and filler are heated through crushing process, and then the both get "Non-cohesive". As the filler is collected by a dust collector while the both are still "Non-cohesive", accurate de-dusting can be done.
-0.075micron (by wash test : less than 5%*)
*The numerical value of Japan Industrial Standards is less than 7%.
Sand making flow

Superior quality products

1.Solid content

EXCELLENT REFINER can perform crushing and improvement of the solid content at the same time. Improvement of the solid content form more than the numerical value of Japan Industrial Standards is possible.

Solid content after EXCELLENT REFINER

2.Size distribution after EXCELLENT REFINER

Because EXCELLENT REFINER was developed specifically for the manufacture of sand, it is possible to manufacture products of optimum particle size distribution as fine aggregate. In particular, the production of particles in the range 0.3 to 0.15mm is superior to other sand making machines. Generation amount of the filler is about 15% (about half of other sand making machines). By combining a dust collector, the product can be produced more accurate particle size distribution. Fineness Modulus preference (FM=2.7 to 3.0) is achieved.

-Crushing Data Sample-
Type of rock:Andesite, Feed size:5-2.5mm, Feed volume:20t/h Size distribution before and after EXCELLENT REFINER
Size distribution before and after EXCELLENT REFINER


1.The highest level anti-wear

EXCELLENT REFINER was developed originally to crush silica stone what it says that wear is the most intense. Therefore anti wear is the highest level. Hammers are made of ceramics, other key components are made of special anti wear material. So you will save running costs.

Ceramics made hammer Ceramics made hammer
*Max. permissible feed size : 8mm

2.Easy Maintenance

Consumable parts are all small and light (for example, a hammer is less than 1kg, a breaker plate is less than 30kg) . You can do maintenance easily and safely.


Low noise, low vibration.
Because of dry type sand making crusher, you do not need water and there is no wastewater.By combining a dust collector, there is almost no scattering of dust.



*1 Varied by a type of rock being fed and the clearance between each bar of rooster.
*2 Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.


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