7 reasons why people choose “SUN” (Sand Unit Novel)

KORITSU holds the largest market share in the Japanese dry-type sand manufacturing equipment market today.

Why do Japanese successful companies choose the KORITSU sand manufactured system, “SUN?

1. Low capital investment, low electrical bills

SUN is an all-in-one sand manufacturing system. There is no requirement for any auxiliary equipment for example, an air classifier or a washing plant, particle shape improving equipment, or even vibrating screens for returning over size particles in some cases. Therefore, you can save on your capital investment. According to customer statements who have purchased SUN, they claim that the capital investment of SUN is about half of that, compared with other sand manufacturing systems.

In addition, because over all power consumption is low, you can save on electrical bills also ( approximately 0.55USD per product ton). 

  • SUN manufacturing system. pictured in an aggregate plant. (The cream colored machinery)

  • SUN manufacturing system. pictured in an aggregate plant. (The cream colored machinery)

  • The capital investment of SUN is about half that, when compared with other sand manufacturing systems.

Summary of SUN

SUN is comprised of an inovative sand manufacturing crusher termed EXCELLENT REFINER (EXR) and resourceful dust collector directly connected to EXR as shown in the diagram. It is a compact and simple system. EXR can perform size distribution control by crushing, grain shape improvements, and surface polishing at the same time. Then, filler dusts are also removed by the resourceful dust collector. 

2. Transforms crusher dust into money

SUN can also manufacture high quality sand by utilizing crusher dust that is suitable as sand for concrete as a raw material. In other words, you can turn a waste product into a money stream. 

  • Regular aggregates manufacturing process 

  • Crusher dust is not suitable as sand for concrete, because of it’s high filler dust content.

  • SUN can manufacture high quality sand that meets standards for concrete sand, by using crusher dust that does not meet required standards.

SUN can also improve the particle shape of crusher dust. 

You cannot produce high quality sand out of crusher dust with the use of an air classifier or washing plant.

Even if you remove dust filler from crusher dust with an air classifier or washing plant, you will not be able to manufacture sand that meets the gradation of standards for concrete sand. Because a gradation of crusher dust is originally different from the gradation of expected standards for concrete sand, as demonstrated in the table to the right. 

If you use an air classifier,

Firstly, you cannot remove filler dust from crusher dust perfectly, as an air classifier cannot remove filler dust attached to the surface of sand grains.
Secondly, an air classifier cannot perform size distribution control by crushing or grain shape improve.

The only thing an air classifier can achieve is the removal of airborne filler dust particles.  So crusher dust after the removal of airborne particles by an air classifier, is still unsuitable as sand for high quality concrete. 

If you use washing plant,

You can remove filler dust from crusher dust completely. But, as mentioned above, even if you remove dust filler from crusher dust perfectly with a washing plant, you will still not be able to manufacture sand that meets the gradation of standards for concrete sand. Further, typical washing plants and air classifies cannot perform size distribution control by crushing and grain shape improvement. So crusher dust after removing filler dust with a washing plant is still not suitable for use as sand for concrete. In addition, the burden to the environment is greatly increased as a washing plant requires a lot of water, and discharges large amounts of sludge. The disposal costs of this sludge, significantly reduces any profits gained.

3. Transforms dead stock of coarse aggregate into money

The maximum permissible feed size for SUN is 8mm. Therefor If you have excess stocks of coarse aggregate (under 8mm), you can utilize it as raw material for SUN to manufacture into high quality sand. In other words, you can turn your dead stock into money. 

  • Coarse aggregate

  • Manufactured sand by SUN using coarse aggregate as raw material.

  • SUN can manufacture high quality sand that meets standards of concrete sand by using coarse aggregate that does not meet the standards.

4. Decreased loss of production, Increase sales

SUN can manufacture high quality sand that meets the standards for concrete sand in one-pass. Raw materials do not circulate repeatedly thorough SUN like other sand manufacturing systems, therefore you can greatly decrease loss of production time. 

Furthermore, the generation amount of filler dust produced by SUN is only about 15% (about half that of other sand manufacturing systems). Subsequently, you get about 85% of the throughput raw materials as finished product, and reduce production costs. This production rate is astonishing in comparison to any other sand manufacturing systems available (around 50% approximately). As such you can collect on your capital investment money in a shorter time period.

5. Savings on running costs by incorporating the highest level of anti-wear protection

EXR‘s hammers are made of ceramics. Typically, ceramics are extremely resistant against friction motions, but not against shock motions. Because of that fact ceramics are usually not used in the manufacture of hammers for use in crushers. However, through our rigorous research and development we have devised a method to overcome this weakness and allow us to produce hammers composed of ceramics. 
They were developed originally to crush silica stone for manufacturing foundry sand in 1985. Silica stone has more than 99% silica content which means that wear is extremely intense. Therefore, anti-wear protection must be at the highest level possible. The life of ceramic comprised hammers are 60 times longer than conventional hammers. Of course other key components are also made of special anti wear material too. So you will greatly save on your running costs.


6. Easy operation, easy maintenance

Easy operation

Product size distribution can be controlled very easily and flexibly through the following three methods.

 1) By changing the rotating speed of EXR‘s hammers via a volume switch on the control panel. 

 2) By adjusting the air volume of the original dust collector via a volume switch on the control panel. 

 3) By setting change to the EXR‘s “rooster*”.

*The rooster is a grate bar type screen located at the discharge point of the grinding product within the crushing chamber. 

Therefore, you don’t need specialized knowledge or training to operate SUN


You can manufacture sand for not only concrete but also plaster.

As SUN can perform size distribution control very easily and flexibly, you can manufacture plaster sand that meets ASTM C 897 (American standard). 

  • The gradation comparison between ASTM C 897 and product by SUN (Remove +2.36mm by screening).

  • Internal finish by using plaster sand that was manufactured by SUN.

  • Comfortably achieve a minimum mix ratio of 1:6 (Cement : Sand).

Easy maintenance

EXR‘s consumable parts are all small and light weigh (for example, a hammer is less than 1kg, a breaker plate is less than 30kg). Therefore, you can do maintenance easily and safely in a short time by hand without using heavy or expensive machinery like a crane truck. The original dust collector unit is available for a long term use in a maintenance-free condition.

7. Eco-Friendly

Because SUN is a dry type sand manufacturing system, a water source is not required and no wastewater or sludge is producedFurthermore, generation amount of  filler dust by SUN is only about 15%, and there is almost no scattering of excess dust. 

Low noise ( The noise level produced by SUN is less than 80dB directly beside the machinery, and around 55dB without any obstacles 10meters away from the SUN unit.) , low vibration.


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