Real customers’ feedback / Record of past media coverage

Real customers’ feedback

“In a sense, all machines have ‘birth’ (when they are able to achieve the purpose designed by their architect), and all were born with various roles in mind. So it is necessary for us to keep in mind what the original design was for at the  ‘birth’ of the machines we wish to purchase. Recently we have seen a manufactured sand industry boom. However with newly designed machines, their makers are experiencing many troubles regardless of the numerous renovations made to their original sand crushers  design. As their machines other components were designed to work with their original crushers at their time of ‘birth’. In that sense, SUN was born 35 years ago as a sand crusher, and has since then been developed and improved over a very long time frame so as to have achieve its high quality. It growth has been completed. That’s the difference between SUN and other infant model crushers.”   


“Frankly speaking, the shape of the sand is fantastic.” 


“Are you sure you can produce so much sand as stated?”


“We are grateful to you that you listened to our response to try and keep purchasing costs low. However, we were lost for words to see you did not discount the cost of machine but instead cut our continuous running costs. Our final desire was to cut the costs in the long term also. Your consumable breaker plates last around 60 times longer than our previous equipment used in the past. This is unreal. YOROSHIKU”


“Where do you sell this sand?” 


“It’s was surprising to see how fast you could activate the plant.”


“It’s a good idea to sell this sand with it’s own brand name, due to the high quality and consistent size.”


“The consumable parts are very light. So now my fellow colleagues from other departments complain how easy our job is.”


“We don’t need to wear earplugs anymore. We can comfortably talk to each other without using them now.”


“The problems we need to face is the excess amount of filler produced. It is quite difficult to deal with. We should choose a machine which creates less sand filler. And so we found it! As the amount of filler this machine creates is very low.”


“What’s the best part for us? It’s that SUN is the basic standard for us, as we have used it for a very long time.”


“Expensive? Are there any managers who says start up costs are cheap to begin with? The quality is promised and guaranteed.”


“(To return the oversize material again in a later process) they said the ability of the sieve wasn’t good enough, but it is actually working very well. Why? The efficiency of the crusher is great, so that it creates little oversize material anyway! Oh this is what you call efficiency. I got it, I understand it now.”


”The safety levels increased a lot. Because the consumable parts are light weight.  Hammers only way 1kg. So It is possible for a frail person like myself to exchange them.”


”We are actually meeting the needs of the customer regardless of  whatever sand particle size they require. This machine can make rough sand as well as fine one depending on whatever they want.”


Record of past media coverage

Japanese major media, such as the Nikkei and Nikkei Business magazine, often has reported that KORITSU holds the largest market share in the Japanese dry-type sand manufacturing equipment market.



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