Do you have any of these issues?

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    Bringing plant equipment from Japan will result in high capital investment.

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    How to look for a reliable plant manufacturer in India

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    Worried about the quality and after-sales service when hiring a local plant manufacturer.

Working with the locals

It is not easy to find a reliable local company in India.

However, we have built a strong trust-based relationship with a local plant manufacturer, which is our distributor of
sand-making equipment.

We can act as a bridge between the local plant manufacturer and the customer and assist in the smooth construction of
the plant with the Indian
standard price while adhering to
Japanese quality standards.


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    The local plant manufacturers

    We can provide total support from design to manufacturing. As we have been involved in the design, manufacturing, and operation of the cement plant of our affiliated company, we are familiar with the know-how and can provide total support for the entire plant.

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    ISO 9001 Certified
    Quality Assurance

    We are ISO9001 certified, and our management complies with global standards to ensure quality control.

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    Technology recognized by
    customers around the world

    We are the largest manufacturer of screw conveyors in India. We also provide a wide range of products such as rotary valves, bucket elevators, feeders, crushers, screens, and dust collectors to overseas markets.

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    Understanding the Japanese traits

    Since we had Japanese engineers helping us in the early days of our company, we were able to create a Japanese-friendly corporate culture where everyone could understand the Japanese way of thinking. You won't feel the difference in our customs and culture, which is the most difficult hurdle for Japanese companies.

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    Built just for you

    Since we operate our plants and those of our affiliated companies, we design and manufacture the plant based on the customer’s perspective. We also provide operational support and follow-up services until the plant is up and running.

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    We believe that our core assets are our skilled employees and the importance of our teamwork and quality has led to the trust of our customers, that’s why we put a lot of effort into training our employees.



We designed and manufactured India's
first Japanese sand making plant.

We successfully launched India’s first Japanese sand making plant without any delay in the construction period, with only one visit to Japan to inspect the plant and subsequent exchange of layouts via e-mail. The operation of the plant was fully automated using a computer, which is rare even in Japan, and the control system was designed and manufactured. In the same way, after only one visit to Japan, we designed and drafted equipment for which there were no production layouts, and successfully built a crushing plant, including hoppers, conveyors, crushers, and dust collectors without any delays in construction.


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    Please contact us so that we can discuss your project.

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    Discussions with local plant manufacturers
    on the feasibility of the project

    We will confirm whether the local plant manufacturer can handle the project or not.

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    Three-way consultation with the customer and the local plant manufacturer

    If possible, we will conduct a detailed three-way consultation with the customer and the local plant manufacturer.

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    We will provide you with a quotation, so please consider placing an order.

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    Contract signing

    Please submit an order form based on the quotation.

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    Construction will start.


For queries regarding sand making machines, sand refiners,
media shredders, Mighty Security, etc., please contact us.


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