Machine builders (welding, etc.)

You will be working mainly in the production of crushers (welding, etc.). Our senior staff will guide you carefully. Regardless of previous working experiences, many people have acquired skills after joining the company.
There is not much work that can be done by one person. Or rather, a small group of people who communicate with each other build a single product as a team.
Other tasks include parts replacement, repair and maintenance support, installation and construction of crushers, crushing test of products requested by customers, and simple computer operations.

[Suitable for…]
People who like to work in small groups
People who like to make things.
People who are interested in crushing.

[Job Features]
Qualified applicants are welcome.
Long-term jobs are appreciated.
Commuting by car is allowed.
Training will be provided.

Work environment and atmosphere
You can work for a long time.

What to expect after joining the company
After joining the company, you will learn how to make parts, drilling, cutting, and perform related tasks in manufacturing machines under the guidance of our experienced technicians. Later on, you will work with senior technicians to improve your skills to be able to install and handle repairs at the customer’s place.

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